Pigment dispersant can effectively improve the wettability and dispersion of pigment, prevent floating color, blooming and hard precipitation, so it can maintain stable covering power and coloring power during storage.

Pigment dispersant is used in medium and high polarity systems to prevent floating color when titanium dioxide is combined with other organic pigments, improve the dispersion of titanium dioxide, provide better hiding power and whiteness, and reduce the cost.

Pigment dispersant can stabilize the pigment dispersion, provide complete color development, improve the color strength, color rendering performance and film quality of the film, well eliminate precipitation, improve the stability during storage, and will not affect the gloss of the dispersed pigment.

Pigment dispersant is used for difficult to disperse pigments such as carbon black, phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green, which can promote the dispersion in the base material through color matching; Prevent floating color and improve color development performance.

Good wetting dispersion is a prerequisite for achieving optimal adhesion, so surface defects such as shrinkage and uneven surface coating can be minimized or improved.